Our Menu and Table Reservation

Pop-up restaurant

Friday 19th and Saturday 20th of July 2019 Both open for bookings. 2 seatings (17.30 and 19.00) 3-courses with Seafood heaven theme on Friday and Halland barbeque-theme on Saturday

Pop-up restaurant

Fredag 2 augusti och lördag 3 augusti - vi har sommarfest och gudomlig mat! Boka plats bums!

Pop-up restaurant

Fredag 16 augusti och lördag 17 augusti - två sittningar och sommarens smällkaramell i mat- o drinkväg serveras! Glöm dina minnen, här får du nya! Skratt o kärlek o galej, det är vår grej!

This is how it works 🙂

Hello to you dear guest!

Here’s how it works.

Opening hours

For staying guests menu available 24/7

For restaurant only guests we are open a the whole year, with extra opening hours during the summer. We are a pop-up-at home restaurant. You will se our opening hours here. In general it is on Fridays and Saturdays.

You can always book us to have catering for you, have your party/meeting/event here (amazing and flexible space with mind blowing oceanic views) or hire Johanna as your event planner.

Reserve a table

Email us on johannashotel©gmail.com to reserve a table, thank you! We generally have 2 seatings each opening starting at 17.30, and 19.00.

How to order

As a staying guest please order from “order from menu” button below. This menu is available in general 24/7 and Johanna gets a message to her phone when you book, super easy! We love providing service 🙂 Eat outside, in your room or in our vast nature area – we have a huge outdoor restaurant with birds singing!


As a take-away guest, on the dates the restaurant is open, you just order via same as above click on “order from menu” and an updated menu is availabel, hooray! Great food to go!


As a seated restaurant guests here – enjoy your seat and we’ll serve a fixed 5 course dinner. Drinks is ordered and paid separately.



If you arrive via car please park on the lot next to the soccer field and walk up Fiskelia ( a street) to us. Thank you Bua IF for your generosity of allowing us to use your parking spaces, you are the best! Bikes are all welcome. This in order to keep it tranquil here 🙂 We only have car parking for staying guests.

Email: johannashotel@gmail.com

Dishes and drinks

Our 24/7Menu

Breakfast (extra or non-guests)

125 SEK per person

Lovely coffee, 2 juices, lots of fruit and vegetables, 2 types of bread and much more. Breakfast should be amazing.

Traditional Swedish fika

95 SEK

Lovely coffee and 7 traditional Swedish fika-cookies inc. a cinnamon bun per person

Summer berry mix crust pie with our own vanilla ice cream and salt caramel sauce, incl. lemonade

60 SEK

Marvelous ice-cream, like eating summer.

Water/soft drinks/juice

29 SEK

We have a little bit of this and that

2 Grilled sanwiches with 2 types of cheese in them (good for 1 person)

130 SEK

Marmalade, dried fruits and a salad are included.

Warm sparragus soup

130 SEK

Salad and warm carrot bread with 2 types of cheese are included

Smoothie with summerberries (gluten- and dairy free)

65 SEK

One can not have to many of this. Sweet tasting, healthy and fresh.

Coffee (2 people)

60 SEK

A small kettle with ecological coffee, eco milk (or vegan milk) and 2 pieces of lovely cakes per person

Local chips

45 SEK

This will be a dream come true for you. Large bag for 2 with own own potatoe and ramp chips.

Chocolate creamy cake with strawberries from the garden and whipped cream with a twist

60 SEK

No maximum order, desserts like this must be mandatory for good health we think 🙂

Fruit and chocolate basket

160 SEK/2 person

Have a nice yummy basket with lots of fruit, berries and chocolate

Swedish lasagna with honey and seasalt and a garden salad


Served with herb butter and knäckebröd. Creamy, rich-tasting and just a lasagna you can not stop eating. Can also order vegetarian lasagna 🙂

Halland's meatballs with buckwheatpasta and a tomatoesauce


Vegetarian or vegan you choose. We made delicious and very flavour-mouth-watering meatballs from all good things in our garden. Served with warm carrot bread and yummy butter.





Order from our menu

Our Menu

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Inquiry for events/celebrations/meetings @ Johanna's

Email: johannashotel@gmail.com

Catering or hire Johanna as your event planner

Email: johannashotel@gmail.com